Past Events
Temporary Exhibition
From December 17, 2021 to January 23, 2022

The exhibition that is now being presented has as a backdrop the Aldeia da Luz and its demolition and reconstruction process. Here, the concept of home as a unique place, built through multiple layers of experiences and memories, draws a sacred place.
In BRANCA E PURA TRANSMUTAÇÃO (WHITE AND PURE TRANSMUTATION), Teresa Carepo occupies the temporary exhibition room at the Museu da Luz, with an installation consisting of a series of sculptures that make use of traditional techniques and materials for the construction of the old houses in the village, namely: adobe, a wood and lime. However, industrial materials used in new constructions, such as cement, are also present. In this choice of materials and techniques, there is an intrinsic relationship between time and its passage.
This exhibition also addresses recurrent issues in the sculptor's work, which are based on concepts such as: life, death, loss, memory and ritual.