Past Events
Temporary Exhibition
from June 4th to August 8th, 2021

“The rain falls in the dust like in Li Bai's poem…” Eugénio de Andrade
This summer, starting June 4th, the Luz Museum will host an installation of paintings on cotton and silk that encourages dreams.
Carine Figueras is a French visual artist based in India, Pune (Maharashtra) and France, Lyon.
His work is closely linked to the importance of nature, simplicity, “impermanence”, the tiny place that man occupies in the universe. He is also interested in the notion of “home” and connection with the territory.
The artist was enchanted by the Alentejo, where she held three artistic residencies in 2018. It was from there that she began to develop paintings on fabrics. His practice is inspired by painting and the art of Asian calligraphy, as he lived in Korea and China. It uses natural elements, collected from the places where it lives. Thus, they will find the ultramarine blue of the houses in the south of Portugal in his work. The paintings are executed on the floor in a single gesture, without retouching and then simply suspended.
The exhibition proposes an escape from this difficult world period.