Past Events
Traveling Archeology Exhibition

The exhibition "Archaeology on the new paths of water" is an itinerant exhibition designed and managed by the Luz Museum team and EDIA's Department of Heritage Impacts (the company that overses the Museum).
Initially entitled "In the light of a new history", it is an exhibition that explains the impact of the Alqueva project on the study and interpretation of the historical past of the territory of Alqueva. The exhibition consists of 5 showcases divided by historical periods ranging from the Paleolithic in Prehistory to the Modern Age.
It can be exhibited in any Portuguese or international municipality, this exhibition has traveled through some territories covered by the Alqueva project. In these cases, there is always an additional showcase where the materials collected in archaeological work carried out in these municipalities are displayed.
Below, we present the list of places that have already received the exhibition:

Museum of Light
Noble House on Burgos Street / RDC Alentejo in ╔vora
Mouranense Municipal Gallery
Interactive Megalithism Museum in Mora
Museum of Archeology of the House de Braganša Foundation / Handsome Village Castle
Municipal Museum of Moorish Village
Regional Wine Museum in Redondo
Cross-border Cultural Forum in Oleander Grove Village
Gallery of Municipal Library of Regals of Monsaraz