Past Events
Temporary Exhibition
from 11th February 2020 to 14th JANUARY 2021

The exhibition “Reflexos da Luz” was born out of a challenge to the artist Gonçalo Jordão, residing in Mourão, with a varied curriculum that includes works present in the following spaces: National Palace of Ajuda, National Palace of Queluz, Palace of Vila de Sintra, Convent of the Third Order in Ponte de Lima, Vidago Palace, Belém Palace, National Assembly of Angola and Asterix Park - Paris. With a two-decade career in the service of decorative arts, with emphasis on the work of mural painting in films such as: The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Beauty and the Beast, The Fifth Power and others that have come to confirm international recognition by their peers.
According to the author, “Reflexos da Luz” is a show of fascination with great contrasts, with light and shadow, with people and their relationship with nature. This antagonism also present in the relationship of Aldeia da Luz with water and the dam, is the great inspiring force of the exhibited works.