Past Events
Temporary Exhibition
from 29th february to 31th august 2020

The Bienal Fotografia do Porto, in collaboration with EDIA, S.A. Museu da Luz, presents the SURVIVING HUMANITY exhibition, which explores the future of humanity.
Climate change, demography, migrations, war. Following the experts opinion, in the coming decades we are going to face huge challenges. And for the first time in history, we are dealing with our survival. This work explores what science is doing around the world to face the future, meets those unknown men and women handling with our destiny, and narrates places where human being is organizing his resilience. SURVIVING HUMANITY project met with NASA astronauts on the slopes of the Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii, where they have been simulating life on Mars. In the small Arctic village of Ny-Alesund (Svalbard), the project told the life of fifty scientists from all over the world studying climate change, ice-melting and sudden changes in our atmosphere. And just a few miles further south, in the capital city Longyearbyen, all the countries around the world have deposited the seeds of their crops in the Global Seed Vault, a bunker built under the ice to protect biodiversity from any accidental and catastrophic loss. In Phoenix and Detroit, SURVIVING HUMANITY met the founding fathers of human cryopreservation, discovering that six hundred people in the world have already decided to be frozen for reborn in the future. And in China and Korea the project explored the cloning technologies, the genomic modification and the most risky studies on human DNA. After that SURVIVING HUMANITY tells the luxury bunker reality, where rich people plan to hide in the apocalypse day. The project has also met humanoid robots that already occupy a role in society in Japan and visited the world's largest biosphere in UK, a symbol of a man's defeated challenge against the impossible, but also the place where it is hoped to preserve the biodiversity of the tropical forest that in nature continues to suffer losses.
Photos: Alberto Giuliani