Past Events
Temporary Exhibition
May 4 - October 15, 2019

This temporary exhibition, “Terra a Três”, has the support of the Alentejo Regional Directorate of Culture and was born from a challenge posed to the photographer António Cunha,the poet Martinho Marques and the plastic artist Jorge Humberto (Joh), when the Luz Museum considered how interesting it would be to link various areas of art with a focus on the same theme.
This was the challenge given to the three artists so that, from the contact element at work, the earth, it was possible to put into dialogue the multiple perspectives on the same theme.
Remember that the Museu da Luz was born from the need to preserve the memory of a village, the village of Luz, submerged by the waters of Alqueva. It is this Museum that is the “faithful keeper” of the ancestral estate of customs and traditions and utensils that made the history of a village. But it is, above all, a space designed for the future and for the settlement of a new village.