Past Events
Temporary Exhibition
07 December 2017 -18 February 2018

"This is an exhibition of photographs - of materialized images, therefore - of those who, for a year, together, walked paths. Who is in this Ci.CLO - of things, of photography, of doing - shows here what we call the culmination of a process, which apparently individual, nevertheless consolidates from a group.

A Ci.CLO. Creation Platform that brings together these photographers, was the place where they met, to accompany them to develop photographic projects from a demanding experimental and transversal approach. The dynamics of the group and the individual imaginations were awakened and discussed by guests from different areas of photography as well as from other areas (geography, psychology, theater ...) in a perspective of cross-enrichment and technical, artistic and deepening consolidation.

When we reread Pierre Bourdieu in his book, Sociology Questions, 1992, to say famously that if the sociologist has a role, it is more to give weapons than to give lessons, we ask ourselves in consequence what should then be the role of the photographer, and of the photography teacher. Ci.CLO as a learning context, besides giving weapons, adapts to its agents, being flexible, reactive and innovative in the models and contents. The artistic proposals that result from the process reflect the maturation of each one, in an embodiment characterized by the desired diversity of projects, themes, methodologies and techniques. Unity and Division Yes, because it is from the group that each one finds his / her place, and this meeting consolidates and leverages new encounters. If this exhibition closes a cycle, it is so that soon others will start. "

Rita Castro Neves