Past Events
Guadiana 86-14 . Duarte Belo
10 may 23 november 2014
"When you walk, lingeringly, the banks of the river Guadiana, it stays recorded in your being, indelibly, the primordial experience of being inside a world that transports us to an immemorial time..."

Between 1986 and 2014, photographer Duarte Belo travels the banks of the River Guadiana, collecting images of what was and what is the longest river in the south. This is an exhibition of photographs, black&white and color, from the author's archive in a dynamic organization that suggests itself a journey through the banks of the Guadiana...

"The photos intend to fix a memory, they are documents of a past time, a river on its bed. Looking at the same time for the very language of the uniqueness of the elements, or to decode its essence, the human gaze alights on them. The construction of the exhibition's media, even of the design of the planned set of images, seeks to define a communication architecture. A writing which, refusing, for impossible, to replicate a concrete reality, wants to build a new architecture where one can live the invention of a parallel time."

Photos of the day-trip to the exhibition on June 7th 2014

The presentation of the book GUADIANA 86-14 took place at the bookshop LER DEVAGAR (LX Factory, Lisbon): Photos