Past Events
divulgation of the book
June/July 2013

The Museum of Luz, in its tenth anniversary, reforces the dissemination of its children's book 'O que vês dessa janela?' (What do you see through that window?), published in 2011 with the editor Planeta Tangerina.

'O que vês dessa janela?' was the object of educational activities, performed by students of the Professional School of Alentejo Region, in the Fair of St. John (Évora), the last week of June.
On July 3, it was also presented at the Encounter of School Libraries of Alentejo 'Reading and Training Readers in the XXI century - digital challenges' in the premises of the Direção-Geral dos Estabelecimentos Escolares – Direção de Serviços da Região Alentejo, Évora.

The life in the old village, the first rumors about the construction of the Alqueva, the advances and retreats of the work, the arrival of the machines, the demolition of old houses or rising waters are some of the moments narrated by a single character on the pages of this book, with text by Isabel Minhós Martins and illustrations by Madalena Matoso.