Past Events
Luz Museum at the 'Palavras Andarilhas' Festival
1 September 2012

The ML organized one the many workshops and activities 'around the spoken and written word' in this year's festival 'Palavras Andarilhas' ('wandering words').
'O que vÍs dessa janela?' ('What do you see through that window?') is the action leaded by the ML in this years' 'Palavras Andarilhas' ('wandering words'): from the book of the same name, an activity of discovery of the single history of Luz, the village that disappeared into the water and was born again.

The festival took place in the city of Beja between 30 August and 1 September, and is organized and promoted, with a more or less regular intervals since 1999, by the Library of Beja Municipality and the Association for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Region of Beja.