Past Events
Traditional architectural features: Vitor Mestre
23 April 19 June 2005

'Monte' is the general designation given to a farm in Alentejo, appearing in various forms according to the diversity of requirements of these units. In cases of larger scale comprises the house of the owner or tenant and other facilities for rural workers, permanent or temporary, and the craftsmen of various mesteres necessary for its operation, including carpenters and blacksmiths and even shops and accommodation for stabling cattle, tools and products of crops, barns, bread oven, textiles for the manufacture of cheese, etc. .. Benjamim Enes Pereira

The exhibition displayed the results of the architectural survey of montes, or farms, in the parish of Luz, carried out by Victor Mestre.

Production Museu da Luz
Commissioners Vitor Mestre and Sofia Aleixo

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