Past Events
19 September 2009 18 April 2010

This is a set of twelve large back and white photographs entitled 'Portrait of Luz Village’, specially produced for the exhibition. The photographs are on display at Luz Museum, except during the months of July and August 2009 when the exhibition is held at the house of the photographer Eurico Lino do Vale in Luz village.

There are three spaces: the main area is the Room of Light, where the ‘busts’ of some of the village's inhabitants, most of them its most senior residents, are displayed. They are portrayed in classic poses, neatly turned out in ceremonial dress, giving them a solemn aspect.

The two other spaces are firstly the outside environment: the village and its surroundings (featuring moving images of the old Luz road, now submerged beneath the waters of the reservoir), and secondly the interiors of the house of the new village.
The catalogue accompanying the exhibition, produced in Portuguese and English, features prints of the exhibits and texts by the artist and the organizer. It also includes an insert with seven photographs not forming part of the exhibition which were taken at the time the main exhibits were created and show the photographer's subjects (all men) accompanied by their wives, against the backdrop of the gardens of their new houses.

Commissioner Luis Serpa
Production Museu da Luz with O Museu Temporário

Eurico Lino do Vale

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