Past Events
NO RETURN: Sebastião Resende
23 June 23 September 2012

The exhibition SEM RETORNO / NO RETURN stemed from the photographic recollection held by Sebastião Resende in visits to the Alqueva dam in 2010 - when Alqueva peaked and water discharges were performed, mobilizing people around the country to attend at the time.
In these images the force of the water (contained and then released) is at the core.
The exhibition was accompanied by a bilingual catalog with reproduction of the works on display.

“Fire lives from the death of earth,
the air lives from the death of fire,
the water lives from the death of air,
the earth lives from the death of water.
The death of fire engenders air
and the death of air engenders water.
The death of earth is to become water,
and the death of water is to become air,
and the death of air is engenders fire,
and reversely.”
(Heraclitus, 500 BC, Fragment 76)

opening of the exhibition

Sebastião Resende

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