Past Events
Chuch of Our Lady of Luz
November 2010 June 2012

The vanished church, located in the old village of Luz and whose representation now stands in the new village, is subject of an exhibition at the ML. It is shown, for the first time, the result of the archaeological excavations made in the fifteenth century church before its demolition. The exhibit consists mainly of artefacts found in graves located within and adjacent to the temple, and also some of the church's construction materials. The objects date from Roman through recent times.

Also part of the exhibition is a film about the process of (re)construction of the church, conducted by architect Pedro Pacheco. This process of (re)building - the architectural design of the Church of Light along with the Museum and Cemetery - was awarded the Europa Nostra Award (2006), one of the most important international awards for recognition of safeguard measures on Cultural Heritage.

Expository texts and discourse are based on three core essentials: 'The Church and the village of Luz'; 'Double church' ; 'The foundation of the village myth '.

The exhibition, which will last approximately two years, is accompanied by a specific educational project developed in partnership with the Museum of Evora (ME) and entitled 'Beneath the Earth | Under the Water'. Based on the theme and content of the exhibition, youngsters visiting the ML and ME are challenged to perform a range of activities, accompanied by informative texts, aim to raise awareness of the issues in question and the learning of basic concepts related to archaeology, history and architecture.

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