Residencies at Luz
From idea to project: Virgílio Ferreira
photography workshop
Residency #7
12-17 April 2014
Is this one week residency, the author Virgílio Ferreira will offer, in addition to his exhibition Being and Becoming, a photography workshop for professionals and amateurs of the area.

During this intensive 6 day training, the participants will undertake an individual project aiming to produce a portfolio by the end of the workshop. During the course participants will have theoretical, technical and creative guidance, there will be discussion and analysis of the work done.

Objectives Introduction of some strategies and techniques used in the various thematic areas of photography - documentary and artistic; exploration of cultural, social or emotional landscapes, creating stories about places or people: developing new skills in terms of visual, technical and conceptual languages associated to contemporary photographic production.
Recipients preferably students and photography professionals or other art teachers, and public in general interested in photography. Entrants must be over 18 years of age.

The Museu da Luz offers participants the Casa da Aldeia/House of Luz as a place of residence throughout the period of the workshop. Maximum capacity of 5 people in double rooms. Pre-registration required and subject to order of receipt.

Photos of the workshop


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