Residencies at Luz
LUZ 3: Pedro Portugal
23-26 May 2013

LUZ3 by Pedro Portugal with students of Visual Arts and Design of the University of …vora.

The old road connecting Mour„o to the village of Luz and that now goes by the museum and into the water was intervened by Pedro Portugal with his students of the Department of Visual Arts and Design at the University of …vora.
During the week of 23 to 26 May, the artist and the students produced, in situ, a graphic log spread over four sections of that symbolic road, while intervening in the landscape and in the interpretation of the place. They remained in Luz during the runtime of the artistic intervention, in integration with the museum's Residency Program.

Promotion EDIA_Museu da Luz, Universidade de …vora, C‚mara Municipal de Mour„o
Partnership Grupo Coral da Luz, Lusopirotecnia Support CIN

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photos of the intervention