Partnership Museu da Luz/EDIA/CM Alandroal
Temporary Travelling Exhibition
Fórum Cultural Transfronteiriço no Alandroal
Extended until October 2nd.

Those who visit Alentejo today are faced with profound changes, as a result of the dynamics introduced by the Alqueva Project.
EDIA, as an entity whose objective is to conceive, carry out, build, explore and promote the Alqueva Multiple Finals Project, has been protecting that all stages are implemented in a sustainable manner and with respect for environmental and heritage concerns.
In terms of Cultural Heritage, an area where it made a financial investment in about 2,000 archaeological sites, it diverted to daylight numerous archaeological remains preserved underground and, a large part of them, unknown to the scientific community. Traces identified within the scope of the Environmental Impact Assessment processes, but mainly during land mobilization works, in the context of construction work.
In order to promote rapid action in the face of these archaeological evidence, EDIA has been ensuring the presence on the ground of specialized technicians, who carry out the implementation of the necessary minimization measures in each case (archaeological excavations and various records), of which highlight the technical publications with reports of the activities carried out.